Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Isn't technology great?

It is, isn't it.  It wasn't that long ago that we all had to make the journey to our local snappy snaps to pay a silly amount of money for photographs that could be 24 shots of your knee.  Now we point, click and delete to our little hearts content, safe in the knowledge that we can delete that picture of us that displays several chins.  So big yay for technology \0/ except when something goes missing, which is exactly what happened to me after we returned from holiday.  I lost the camera cable.  Suddenly I had a camera of pictures and no amount of waving it in front of my laptop was going to make those pictures jump on to my screen.  I tried begging, shouting, promising to take it out to dinner and treating it like the wonderful bit of technology it is but nothing. 

Until this evening when a search for nail varnish remover turned up my precious baby.  So, on with the blog.

(and just because I can, here is a picture from our holiday)

Enjoying the slinky dog ride at Disneyland Paris

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