Friday, 26 April 2013


We didn't get trapped in Lapland for 4 months, which is a shame because it was an amazing holiday and Yllas is like something from a dream.  If you're thinking of doing a Santa trip I would say go for it.  It was absolutely worth every single penny we spent.  Check out the view from our balcony

There is something exceptionally magical about sledging all day before taking a sleigh ride through the forest in the moonlight and then returning to your apartment for a wonderful sauna and a couple of glasses of something to warm you up.  So magical that we didn't just bring back our usual tacky fridge magnet.

So by the time Christmas was done and I was ready to resume Mummy and Milly day, the morning sickness kicked in.  Unfortunately it stayed and I'm still waiting for that wonderful period of blooming and feeling a million dollars to happen, which means that doing anything that wasn't eating pringles on the sofa became a bit of a struggle and keeping up with the blog side of life slipped rather a lot.  We've still been doing our crafts and cookery, but on a slightly smaller scale than before so its time to play catch up.

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