Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Amelia's Miracle

I know of another girl named Amelia who lives not far from us.  She is the same age as my Amelia and used to go to the same nursery.  They should be friends but that Amelia has a brain tumour, one which is inoperable and incurable.  They have the hope of a miracle in the shape of a treatment in America which comes with a £200k price tag.  Its controversial but what parent wouldn't dance naked in moonlight if they thought there was the hope of even another day with their child.  There is real hope here, hope that this beautiful child gets more time, hope that she can beat this and live, hope to just be a normal 3 year old again.

The similarities between these two children were too much for me not to help.   The donation I made didn't feel enough so we rattled buckets and packed shopping, and last weekend I baked.  6 hours of cooking, a week of preparation and some total disasters produced these.

dark chocolate cupcake with white chocolate frosting and marshmallow hearts, chocolate cheesecake cupcake with milk chocolate frosting and chocolate dipped strawberry, banana cupcake with caramel frosting and mini fudge pieces, lemon meringue cupcake

Mini cupcakes
Assorted chocolate and vanilla mini cakes with white chocolate, milk chocolate and vanilla frosting

It was a lot of hard work but ultimately worth the effort.

Amelia's Miracle Website
Amelia's Miracle on Facebook

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  1. they look soooo good, and very pretty indeed, good work!