Saturday, 21 April 2012

The daddy gift array part 2

There are things that Milly knows to be FACT, and then there are things I know to be FACT:
  1. his lordship likes beer;
  2. he adores the small one.
So, it follows that I should combine the two in some way for fathers day and the idea of the milford brewery was born.

Its time for the mums to get crafty, or how to make a gift for dads for under a tenner. 

For this, you will need a good picture of your child (head shots are good), some image manipulation software (I use GIMP - its excellent and available to download) and a vistaprint account.

Remove the background of the image using whatever software you have.  If you're unsure of how to do this there are likely to be tutorials if you google.  Otherwise, try getting your child to stand in front of a white wall and take the picture.

Scurry over to vistaprint (or any printing company you wish you use that happen to like to email free offers) and select the wine label with photo upload option.  There will be a multitude of backgrounds and text you can use so have a bit of a play until you have something you're happy with.  Ours came in a packet of 4.

If you're over 18 buy large bottles of beer or a bottle of wine.  Under 18, and you get to buy something without alcohol.  If its in a bottle then it should be fine (daddys sauce perhaps). If you have time, soak off the labels or if you're lazy like me, simply replace the beer label with your own and taaa-daaaaaa one gift for daddy. 

Lets bring in the children

Card time.  Children and finger painting - its like cheese and onion, David and Victoria, lego and bare feet.  But this is no ordinary finger painting, this is xTremE finger painting (I'm so down with the kids).  Ok, its just finger prints made to look like stuff.

For each family member print a single finger on to the paper.  If you want to turn this in to a learning experience discuss heights, who is the tallest, who is next and so on and then translate that to the size of their fingers.  In our case Daddy was her thumb, I was her ring finger, Milly was her little finger and the dog was a bit of a splodge.  In practice it doesnt work as well as the theory since kids fingers arent massively different in size, but its something for them to think about instead of running hand first on to the fabric sofa.

Then all you need to do is add some features with a black pen and turn the fingers in to people, and you have your card topper ready to go.

2 years in college and this could be my best work.

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