Thursday, 19 April 2012

In the beginning

We parents all start our craft journey somewhere slightly different.  For some its crayons and mark making, for others its rolling around in paint that you hope is as washable as the bottle claims, and for the really unlucky its your best lipstick on your newly decorated walls.

For us, it was chocolate and the date, according to facebook, was April 3rd 2010 which makes Mill a little over 18 months.  I'm sure we must have done something before then but this was the moment when I realised that these memories of just the two of us would last for a lifetime.

 I'm not sure there is anyone who hasnt made Rice Krispies cakes , but here is the recipe anyway

It doesn't have to be Easter to enjoy a mini egg.

Chocolate and lots of it
Rice Krispies or any brand of rice type breakfast cereals
Assorted sprinkles
Mini eggs

Before you start, its a good idea to put out the cases ready for filling.  Close your eyes and imagine your child after consuming a family sized dairy milk in approximately 17 seconds.  Its not good is it.

Melt the broken chocolate over a bain marie.  Once melted pour in to another bowl because the original is now hotter than the sun.  Allow to cool slightly.

Allow the small person to pour the rice based cereal in to the chocolate.  This will go one of two ways : the cereal will enter their mouths or the cereal will cover the floor, but hopefully enough of it will go in to the chocolate at the same time.

Mix with a large wooden spoon.

Fish out your childs head from the bowl

Fill each of the cases with as much assistance as possible.  Its good for their co-ordination I believe, plus its also quite funny to watch.

Hand over the sprinkles and mini eggs and stand well back.

Chill the finished products in the fridge until hardened, bath your child and never, ever serve to guests.

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