Wednesday, 25 April 2012

The daddy gift array part 3

This is my favourite one, the one that brought a tear.

Milly has not always known everything.  There was a time that we would spend many a wet morning holding our very own question time in the living room.  Why is daddy going to work?  Why isnt daddy a lady? Why hasn't that man got any clothes on (yes strange man in the allotments behind our house, we can see you).  From this came the idea of writing down some of the Millyfacts she developed and turning them in to some sort of gift for his lordship.

Of course this bizarre turnaround where I asked the questions led to a complete breakdown in communications so I had to do a bit of reverse psychology and slowly it happened.

"Milly, I don't think you know what daddys favourite colour is"

Ask your child to talk about your partner and write everything down.  You might need to prompt a little bit but its good language practice - what does daddy look like?  What do you like to do with daddy?  You know the drill.

After you have enough dirt on your partner ask your child to draw a picture of them in any setting that takes their fancy.  Obviously the detailing of this is entirely dependent on their age, but simple line drawings work just as well as stunning works of art.

Scan or take a picture of the drawing - anything that gets it on a computer and open in GIMP (you will notice that I use this rather a lot).  Decide on 3 or 4 colours that you want to use and then type out each of the phrases and position them around the drawing.

Print on to photo paper and frame.

We left out the bit about daddy not being a lady.

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