Sunday, 29 April 2012

I made that

I need to start a new pinterest board.  I've been pinning on there for quite some time and I've built up collections of some very nice things.  Unfortunately most of them remain unmade - a mere possibility that gets pushed further down the page.  A new board will be the incentive to actually do some of these things.  It starts like this...

Its been raining for approximately forever.  We're confined to the house by a combination of illness, lack of facilities and the fact that we don't own an ark.  So, I've decided to face my fear and actually make something.

I pinned this tutorial a while back and I've always loved this dress (how cute is that little girl!)

We're off for our first family sun holiday in a few weeks and I wanted something easy and lightweight that I can throw in a bag and easily dress her in when she's covered in beach.

I changed the pattern slightly.  I wanted the lining to be a different colour, mainly because I'd bought it already, and I decided on narrow straps.  This was a mistake!  Not the lining part because I rather like that, but I think I spent best part of Lilo and Stitch pushing those babies inside out.  Definitely go wide!  The other massive mistake I made was using a little coffee table to not only cut the pattern but also to sew.  My back officially hates me and my hems are a little, well, out shall we say.

For my first effort at big girl sewing, I'm pleased enough with the result and the small one likes her dress rather a lot.  Next time I will definitely use a table large enough to actually lay out the material.

I'm thinking of adding a little felt flower on the fastening at the top but this depends on time more than anything else.  In the mean time, Milly has decided on her own accessories.


  1. I would love to attempt this. Unfortunately I would have no clue where to begin!

    1. The tutorial is really really good, even for a complete sewing idiot like me.

  2. I will have a proper look tomorrow and see if I can make sense of it all lol.